Weekend recap

Wow, this weekend was super busy! We did so much, and I really feel like we accomplished everything we wanted/needed.

Friday night we didn’t do much of anything, and it was nice. We had to get up early for our childbirth class on Saturday, so I didn’t want to spend Friday night doing a ton of things around the house or anywhere else for that matter.

Our childbirth class was awesome. I really recommend it to those that are wavering back and forth about taking one. We learned a lot, especially about relaxation and coping techniques, which I think will come in handy on the Big Day. I also really loved touring the maternity ward. It’s really awesome. The ward is the entire second floor, and is completely locked down to everyone. You cannot enter or leave without a nurse, and I love that! The baby also gets an alarm monitor on his/her ankle that will go off if s/he is brought too close to any of the exit doors. No babies are stolen from our hospital!

I also love that the family waiting room is outside the locked portion of the ward. It’s nice that I won’t be seen by other people’s family members waiting around for someone else’s baby. I might want to walk the halls a lot, who knows? I don’t need an audience for that. Also, if someone drops by unexpectedly and we are sleeping, showering, or breastfeeding, there’s a place the friends or family can wait until we are ready for visitors. We won’t have anyone hanging out around our door, which is nice.

I also love a lot of the policies they have there, most notably the c-sec policy. You see, so many mothers have to spend the first few hours of their child’s life away from him/her because the moms are in recovery. I hated the thought of having to recover away from my baby in the case that I have a c-sec. However, our hospital allows the baby to room-in with the recovering mother, so there’s no waiting hours to see my precious little one!

The NICU is really good, so that’s great. The rooms are big. We have nice showers to labor in if we wish (no birthing tubs, though). It really is a nice ward and I’m glad to be delivering there. All the nurses we came across were so sweet, even though we were just there for a look-see. We also met a brand new daddy on our way home. He was absolutely ecstatic about his new little boy. He was just gushing about how awesome the nurses are and how happy they were to have their son at that hospital, which was so nice to hear! I also loved seeing a brand new daddy. It was so sweet. :)

The Mr. is getting excited for our baby to arrive, as am I. He did say he feels sorry that I’m going to have to go through all of that. It was pretty funny. But he’ll be a huge help to me. We both learned a lot and, while the class did get boring at times, it was a good experience.

After that long class (we were there from 9a until almost 4p!), we went home and didn’t do much for the rest of the night. We got dinner out since we didn’t want to cook and I returned a bra. That’s it. And I’m glad that’s all we did. I was exhausted and hadn’t slept much the previous two nights and I ended up not sleeping well at all that night, either. I was able to sleep in Sunday morning, which was awesome, and we started the day.

The first thing we did was go into the nursery and get it ready for the primer. We had been working on those crappy walls for so long, and I was so excited to get something else accomplished in there. Well, we finally got the primer up and covered over that awful brown paint. It looks so nice in there right now! I love how much brighter the room is without that drab paint. You see, the room doesn’t get direct sunlight, so it really needs to be light in there. We were going to put up the green paint last night after the primer dried, but we were just too tired to do that. So we plan to put that all up tonight. I’m so very excited to get the room painted finally! We will do any touch-ups needed throughout the week (except on Wednesday, which is our breastfeeding class night!), and we plan to get the baseboards painted (just touch-up white) before the weekend. That means that we can finally put the room back together on Sunday! I’m so ready to have the room prepared for decorations. And I love sitting in there sometimes, so I’m excited to be able to do that again.

Our dog was also sick this weekend. :( Poor puppy. And then he ate an entire bottle of Tums! So we had to make him throw up so he wouldn’t get even sicker, so that was fun. However, after he threw up, you could tell that he felt so much better. I was very happy about that. I was afraid we’d have to call the e-vet and bring him in. Who knows how much that would have cost?! But he’s doing great now. :)

I also got started on my cloth wipes this weekend. I’ll have 20 by the time I’m finished sewing them up (I’m more than halfway done). I’ll get a little tutorial up for those either later today or tomorrow. I’m really pleased with how they are turning out! Next up: nursing pads! I also have to finish sewing my little birds for the mobile, but those are a pain to do, so I only do them every once in a while. Hopefully I’ll get to them soon.

I really feel like so much is coming together. It was definitely a good weekend! :)



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