The dreaded glucose test.

It really wasn’t that bad at all! I was expecting the drink to be super super sweet and thick. I have no idea why I was expecting that, but it’s how I thought it was. But when I started drinking it, I realized it wasn’t too bad (though orange is not a good flavor). It was the consistency of water, so I was very glad that it wasn’t thick like I was expecting.

I was easily able to down it in the 5 minutes and it didn’t make me feel too nauseated. I did feel vomitous for a few minutes after drinking the orange stuff and when he was taking my blood, but that’s it. Nothing bad happened. :)

I must say, the babe really liked the drink. The little one was dancing around in there for a while when I was waiting and reading my book. I really love that feeling!

So now we just need to wait for the results. I’m crossing my fingers that I passed. I DO NOT want to do the three-hour test, so wish me luck!


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