That was awesome!

Over the weekend I was in Target and I was looking at sports bras. I wasn’t sure that they’d have any that would fit me since my boobs are the size of a small planet. Honestly, I do think they are bigger than my head now. It’s crazy awful.

I decided that I needed a sleep bra a few weeks ago, but they are so expensive and NONE of them are in my size. I didn’t know what to do. However, when I found a sports bra that would actually fit my huge breasts comfortably, I snatched that puppy up immediately. $17 for a bra I can try on is much better than $25+shipping for a bra I have to order.

So I brought it home on Sunday. I didn’t wear it Sunday night, but I decided to wear it last night while I was sleeping. You see, my belly is getting big (which you know if you see my weekly belly picture posts) and it pushes up my shirts at night. Most nights I sleep with my shirt bunched up under my boobs and across my back. It’s really not that comfortable at all and I’m constantly having to pull my shirt down in the night.

I figured wearing a sports bra to bed would alleviate that issue. Well, I was right! I actually dreamed twice last night that I was so happy about wearing the sports bra to bed. Seriously, I dreamed that I was comfortable at night. It’s because I was comfortable last night! Now I just have to buy another bra or two so I have enough to wear to bed. I’m so happy right now. :) It’s the little things, people, the little things.

Oh, and I bought an XXL sports bra. I didn’t even realize they made them that big. So they make bras at regular stores to fit 36DDD women like me. The best thing? It’s slightly big, so if/when my boobies grow even more, it will still fit! I’m hoping I can use it after the baby comes. Thank goodness for Target.


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