Just call me sloth.

It’s ridiculous how much time it takes me to do things now.

Yesterday I felt pretty good after a few days of cramps, Braxton Hicks, and a sore belly, so I felt like I would do some stuff around the house. So in the morning I dusted the living room and dining room, put some stuff away that was collecting in the dining room (one of our flaws), cleaned the downstairs bathroom, sat at the computer all day, baked some pumpkin bars for the Mr., warmed up dinner, walked the dog for 20 minutes, cleaned the kitchen with the Mr., vacuumed our bedroom and the hallway, and took a shower. While I was showering, the Mr. vacuumed all the floors and furniture downstairs and did some work in the nursery.

Pre-pregnancy, that would have been about 1.5 hours worth of work, not including the 8-hour work day. I didn’t finish drying my hair after my shower until 10:00 last night. And I started cleaning the bathroom (first thing I did yesterday) at 8:00 in the morning. So, it took me 14 hours to do all that, when it would have only taken me 9.5 previously.

And I was absolutely exhausted (my body really felt it, too). My back is killing me today. Ugh.

I can’t imagine how I’ll feel in a couple months, or even a couple weeks. Gaining all this weight and carrying a child in front of me 100% of the time really takes a toll on the body. It’s definitely one of those things that you hear and know before you get pregnant. However, you never really know how it really is until you are going through it. It just makes me feel slightly lazy when I have to sit around all day or be in pain and be utterly exhausted.

In the next two months, I want to get my house completely cleaned from top to bottom (most people call this spring cleaning). Even though my house is only 1400 sq ft, I think it will take me and the Mr. that long to do it since I go so slowly now.

Oh the joys of pregnancy. :)


3 thoughts on “Just call me sloth.

  1. i totally understand! last night i made it my mission to clean our bedroom…dust, vacuum, change sheets, fold clothes. it took me nearly 2 hours (when you include all the breaks i had to take) and i was simply exhausted by the end. amazing how much pregnancy takes out of you…and we’re not even 3rd tri yet!

  2. Everything takes forever!!!! I just started spring cleaning and I think I might be done by the time the baby comes!!!! Good Luck!

  3. It’s ridiculous, right?! At least it’s all worth it. :) I can’t wait to hold this little one in my arms. A few months of laziness is a good trade for a little baby, no?

    Good luck with all your cleaning, too!

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