Week 24 Letter

My sweet little munchkin,

You know, you make me nervous sometimes. Already! I can’t imagine what a mess I’ll be once you are outside of me. I’m pretty certain I’ll always be worried about your safety. I hope that I’m not a mama who smothers her children, but you should know and be prepared for the possibility of that happening. I want you to be safe and strong and for nothing bad to ever happen to you. It’s weird how strong that feeling is for me. I suppose it’s not weird, I’ve just never felt this way before. I just love you so much already.

Anyway, we had our 24w appointment on Friday and you were kicking up a storm! You were moving around more than I had ever felt you before, I think. It was pretty awesome and made the long wait not feel so long. The doctor and I talked about your movements a bit and she said I should be able to feel you about 3 times an hour in a little over a week from now! That’s pretty exciting for me. :)

You were also super active on Saturday, even though I was exhausted and super busy. It’s fun being able to feel you moving around in there even while I’m busy doing things. That’s a pretty recent thing to happen, actually. So I felt great on Friday and Saturday. And then yesterday you weren’t moving around a lot. I still felt you sometimes, but not nearly as much. And this morning? Not much movement at all again. I was starting to get nervous!

It’s unnerving to feel you so much for a few days and then have you be so still (or moving where I can’t feel you as much) for a few days. Thankfully, though, a few minutes ago you were kicking up a storm! It makes me feel so much better knowing that you are safe in there and moving around. I was going to call the doctor if you didn’t start kicking your mama very soon! I’m glad you complied to my belly shaking and woke up a little bit to ease my worries. I think you are going through a growth spurt again. My belly button has changed again in the course of a day (I’m pretty certain it will at least get flat before this pregnancy is over, and it may even pop out at this rate!), I’m starving even though I’ve eaten a good amount of food today, and you are definitely quieter than normal. All that leads me to believe that you are growing again!

I’m all for you growing big and strong, so go right ahead! Just keep in mind that you do have to come out, and it would be awesome if you didn’t hurt me too much.

I love you!


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