Today’s appointment didn’t go so well; but, then again, it did.

I had my 24w appointment today. I must say I was pretty nervous about my weigh in since I gained 10lbs in four weeks at my last weigh in. Well, I did it again. I have officially gained 25lbs at 24.5w. It’s appalling.

And what’s worse is that I’m doing everything I can to not gain weight right now. I’m eating well and I’m walking as much as the weather and my body allow. I had a frank conversation with my doctor about what I eat, when I eat, what/when I indulge, and how much exercising I do. She doesn’t think I’m eating enough to gain what I have gained.

She said that she is concerned and asked me to have my thyroid checked today, so I did that before I even left the office. We’ll get the results by Monday. It’s a little scary to think my thyroid might be messed up and causing me to gain so much weight. I really want to be as healthy as possible for my baby. The good news is that my doctor doesn’t think I’m eating too much or not enough good food. It’s been hard sometimes to not choose the cookies (though I do sometimes choose the cookies), and I thought I was doing so well.

My doctor does have a sense of humor though. :) I told her I was was telling the Mr. how I was hoping I didn’t gain more than 5lbs this time, and if I didn’t I was going to give myself a treat (I was going to make a pan of rice krispie treats). She said, “You should never do that! If you say you aren’t going to gain a certain amount of weight, it is almost guaranteed that you will have gained it.” Then she smiled and laughed. I thought it was funny at the time, too.

But it’s so hard to gain so much, so quickly. I’ve gained 20lbs in two months and have done a lot to avoid gaining that much weight. I am eating better now than I did previously. In fact, I had only gained 5lbs at 16w, which was very good, so this is very sudden and odd for how my pregnancy started.

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what the test results are on Monday. I’m not sure whether I hope for the results to be positive or negative.  I mean, if it’s positive, then we have a reason for my gaining so much weight. If it’s negative, I don’t know how I’ll feel. Then again, I don’t want issues with my thyroid either.

Other than that, though, the baby is perfectly healthy! His/her heartbeat was 143 today, and my belly is measuring 25w. The doctor is very pleased with our ultrasound results, and even mentioned that the babe had a good head measurement, so microcephaly is definitely not an issue (my sister has it).  I’m very glad about that. My blood pressure was great, too. So other than the potential thyroid issues and my hurt ego about gaining so much weight, this appointment couldn’t have gone better.

Also, she said that I should feel at least 3 movements an hour from the baby within the next two weeks. That’s so exciting! I’m already feeling the baby move a lot, almost that much, so I bet it will definitely happen by then. I’m so proud of my little one growing so big and strong!

She also said my pain issues are muscular-skeletal and that stretching should help out with them. I haven’t had any pain since this morning, so that’s good. And I’m glad it doesn’t have anything to do with my heart. :)

I had hoped to only gain 25lbs by the end of the pregnancy. I can’t believe I’ve already hit that number. At least I’m more than halfway done?


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