The post in which I shall complain.

If you don’t like to hear rants or complaints, please click that little red “x” up there on the right-hand side. This post will not be a sappy post, nor will it be an informative post, nor will it be a happy post. I’m annoyed. I’m uncomfortable. I’m tired. Pregnancy is not always glorious, nor are the issues that can come with it.

First, my pregnancy symptoms.

I hate the way I feel right now. Well, today. I hate the way I feel today. I don’t sleep well more nights than I do, and it’s because I’m so uncomfortable all night long. I’m only just six months along; how am I going to make it another three months when things are just going to get worse? My ribs hurt, my back hurts, my belly hurts (only at night though, thank goodness), and those three combined make sleep impossible at some points.

My ribs are spreading, and I know that happens. But it’s causing pressure on my back and my sternum that is not comfortable in certain positions. It is also causing some sharp pains in my chest that are not lovely at all. So I’m laying on my left side in bed at night and I get a sharp pain in my left chest. Ugh. I roll over and the pain goes away. Yay! However, not two minutes after rolling over, I have a sharp pain in my right chest. Double ugh. What do I do about this?! I think part of the issue is the monstrosity that my boobs have become. They just pull on everything, making it 100 times worse.

If I lay on my back, then that hurts, and I think my uterus is now squishing whatever that vein or artery is that resides down that way. Whenever I lay on my back for too long, I can feel the blood pumping throughout my body. That’s not conducive to sleeping either. So I don’t sleep.

Thankfully I go to the doctor today, so I can ask her about the shooting pains, my lower belly pains (oh, yeah, I have those too, but only during the day), and Braxton Hicks contractions (I’m pretty sure they have started, too). I have a feeling there isn’t anything that can be done, but I plan to bring it up anyway. It’s stuff like this that make me understand why some women don’t like being pregnant.

However, those little baby kicks I was feeling all morning while I was laying awake in my bed make it all worth it.

Now on to the annoyances.

My mother in law (MIL). Really she is the only annoyance right now, but she is really grating on my nerves. You see, it all has to do with the baby shower she and my mom were going to throw together for me. It is such a sweet offer and I appreciate it so much. However, MIL is being a huge bitch about it all.

We do not live that close to our families: We live 45 minutes from my parents and 1.5 hours from the Mr.’s parents. So, getting everyone together for a party isn’t the easiest thing, and someone is going to have to drive a long distance. Well, there is a town/city that is pretty much in the middle of all our houses. It’s about an hour from my house and my mom’s house, and 40 minutes from my MIL’s house. Do you see how it is closer to her house than it is to mine?

Well, she is insisting that we have the shower near her house because there is family that we are inviting from out of state. Now, we all live near the border of this state, so it’s not like we are asking family to drive 3+ hours to come to a baby shower. I think it’s probably an hour and a half or so from their furthest house to get to this city/town. So really, it’s not that far for them. Especially since we drive up that way all the time.

MIL wants the shower to be up past her house to make it easier for the out-of-state family (though I just realized it saves them 15 min on the drive). Do you know what that drive is for me then? Easily two hours. And that’s without traffic that would be unavoidable on a Saturday afternoon. No way, no how. I’m not driving at least double past our previously agreed upon town to save her family 15 minutes. Really, she just doesn’t want to drive down closer to us. And I’m not giving in to her antics.

She is making things incredibly difficult for my mom (we still don’t have a date because MIL keeps saying no to everything), and she has made me cry on the phone because she is really a mean person and is very upset with me about not driving up past her house for the shower.

I mean, what pregnant woman wants to drive 2+ hours when she is 8 or 9 months pregnant!? Not a single one! This weekend my mom is apparently telling my MIL that she doesn’t have to help with the shower anymore. It will be in the previously agreed upon city and that’s that. There’s a lot more to this story, but I just can’t type it all out right now because it makes me seething mad. I’m tired of this whole thing already.

How does one calmly and rationally deal with a MIL that is acting crazy and selfish?!


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