Dear leggings,

Where have you been all my life? Seriously. I never knew I was missing you until this morning. I suppose I must have left you behind in the 90s when you had stirrups at the bottom and I wore you with turtlenecks and oversized sweatshirts.

I’m not a trendy person at all. I dress pretty classically in most cases. I just prefer my clothes to be in style for as long as they last vs. one season. However, I can’t stand my maternity jeans at all anymore. So I went to the store and I bought some leggings to wear under some of my dresses that are not 100% suited for the weather we have right now.

So this morning I pulled on the capri leggings under my purple dress and fell in love. I haven’t worn something so comfortable since my sweatpants, and those really aren’t good to wear out and about. I also bought an adorable dress to wear with them last night. The Mr. really likes the dress. And the best part? I can wear the dresses after the baby because they aren’t maternity! I love jersey knits. :)

But leggings, how I love you. I will never doubt you again.


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