Baby Memory Books — Part 2

I’ve been looking for a baby book for months. I posted about it before here. I’ve continued searching around and haven’t found anything better. However, I’m still having trouble spending $70 for the book, especially since it’s still just a fill-in-the-blank book. I mean, baby books like that are great and all, but I feel like it’s something we’d fill in because we have to put something on those pages.

I think I’ve finally decided what I’m going to do: make a scrapbook. Now, I’m not a big scrapbooking person. I don’t have all the “stuff” for it, nor have I ever really done one before. However, I can be creative and I have a lot of good ideas for it. I’d much rather the book be filled with information that the Mr. and I are interested in remembering.

So, I don’t really have anything to show for this now as it’s all still in idea form, but I think it will be a good thing. My mom scrapbooks and has two Cricuts, so I have plenty of things I can borrow to use to work on this. I’m sure I’ll be scouring the Internet so I can find some good ideas/page layouts.

But I feel good about this decision (even though I think it will end up costing me about $70 or so with all the paper and pictures, etc., haha). :)


One thought on “Baby Memory Books — Part 2

  1. I made the decision to do this as well! I already started (the first page is about the day we found out we were pregnant) and I plan to do a few other pages before baby is born too…chronicling how we told the families, my belly pics, etc. Then once baby is born I can do pages for more of the bigger milestones and such.

    Good luck with the project, we can keep each other motivated :)

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