Boy, have we been busy!

There’s a lot going on around here. So much, in fact, that I’m exhausted. I still haven’t caught up from all the things we did this weekend, as well as the time change. I’m really hoping that I’m able to sleep a bit more tonight than I have for the past few nights.

First off, the nursery.

Well, the nursery has turned into a huge hassle. We had the furniture all in there and set up and were just planning to paint the walls, clean up a bit, and start decorating. We figured it wouldn’t take long at all. Last week we were in there looking at what we’d need to do to the walls to prep them for the primer when we noticed something funny in one corner of the room. Low and behold, we found wallpaper that had just decided to start peeling (seriously, I was looking at that part of the wall not two weeks before and there was no seam). Thank goodness it started peeling before we painted!

I was pretty scared that it was going to be the entire wall covered in wallpaper, but at least it was just a border. However, that crap was so difficult to take off! First of all, we had to find the bottom seam. It had layers upon layers of paint on top of it, though, so that made things tough. And then it was super stuck in some areas and not in others. I’d say the Mr. and I spent a total of 3 hours in there and we barely got one of the short walls cleaned off. It was completely ridiculous. So we went to Lowes this weekend and talked to the paint guys. Apparently they sell this perforation tool and a spray that you can use to help remove the paper. Less than $20 later we were home and perforating the paper and spraying the crap out of it.

It only took 15 minutes for that spray to work it’s magic. We took a scraper and the wallpaper just peeled away. I mean, some areas were still difficult to do (paint had seeped down between the paper and the wall, there was spackle all over the place, etc.), but we finally got it all off. We still have some spackling to do, some sanding, and a few other things to fully prep the walls, but at least the difficult part is over! We fully plan to get everything painted and pretty this weekend. :)

Here are a few pictures of the mess that is now the nursery (oh, and we covered the furniture with old sheets, so that’s the blue/green you are seeing in some pictures).

Looks lovely, no? That green splotch is most likely the color we are going to paint the room. :)

The corner where it all started. See all the paint where the wall meets the ceiling? That was part of the issue with removing that stupid paper. Sometimes I think the previous owners were idiots.

So, even though we’ve had a lot of work over the past week or so, we are finally making some good progress in the nursery. I can’t wait to get the painting done this weekend. All we’ll have to do is buy a mattress, put the bedding together, get a bookshelf for under the window, and decorate! We will have a completed nursery. Of course it will still be mostly empty nursery, but at least all the big stuff will be there. I’m hoping to have a place to put all the babe’s new things by May/June. I don’t want to have to worry about fixing anything up in there after the baby shower. We’ll see how it goes. We are super busy most weekends except this coming one.

I also started working on the bird mobile. I’m very excited for this part of the nursery. We plan to put up a tree decal next to the crib and then hang a bird mobile over the crib on the other side. I think it’s going to look so adorable! I found a tutorial that I’m using to make the birds and I bought some things from A.C. Moore and JoAnn’s to help me along. Here is what the birds will look like:

Cute little bird!

Now, the birds I’m going to make for the mobile will be a tad bit smaller (this bird is actually quite huge) and they are going to be green and brown, not red and blue. Also, the fabrics match much better than the two I used here — I was just using scraps. Really I just wanted to see how to put the bird together and whether I liked the size or not. The actual birds for the mobile will be  made much more slowly and carefully. But I think it will look really cute! I bought a bunch of brown ribbon and I’m going to get some wooden beads to place on the mobile, too. I’ll definitely take pictures once it’s done!

I have another craft to work on, too: my old rocking horse. This weekend my mom gave me the rocking horse she got for me right before I turned one. It has gone through all four of us kids, as well as any neighbors or friends that came over and abused the thing with us. However, it is still in great shape!

Isn't he cute?

I used to have so much fun on the little bugger.

The horse has been in storage for years. My youngest brother is now 14, so it’s been at least 11 or 12 years since he played with it. We need to take the entire thing apart and clean it before putting it back together. We may need to get new hardware for it, too, as it’s a little wobbly right now. Hopefully some glue and tightening will take care of that, though. I also need to buy some yarn to make a new mane and tail for the horse. That won’t be too difficult to do, either. I’m thinking about getting a dark brown or black for them, though. I’ve always liked horses with darker manes and tails. :)

But with just a little bit of work and some polishing, this horse will look adorable again! I’ve planned to put it right next to the dresser in the nursery. I know it doesn’t really match the room at all, but, then again, nothing really is very matchy matchy. I’m not a fan of matching everything anyway. We will have nature inspired decorations, lots of different shades and patterns of green, a jungle-themed height chart (because my mom bought it for the baby a long time ago), and this little Western horse. I’m 100% okay with it all, too. I think it will still look great!

I’ve also decided to get a little lamp for the dresser. I was going to keep the big floor lamp that you’ve seen in there, but I think I’d rather have a smaller lamp instead. This way I don’t have to worry about cords laying on the floor, and a small lamp might just look better. And I’m not sure that I’m going to buy a hamper for the room, either. We’ll have a wet bag in there for the cloth diapers, but our hamper is literally four steps away in the hall closet — I might as well just put the baby’s clothes in with ours, right? As we are getting closer to really start decorating and making final decisions on the things we need, I’m finding more and more corners to cut. Some things (like a baby-specific hamper) seemed so important to me just a month ago. Now, I think it’s a bit silly and don’t think I’m going to bother with it. The closet is so small as it is; I might as well use it for more important things and storage.

Well, I think that’s it for now. I guess I didn’t tell you the other things that have been keeping us busy. They include four birthdays, a baby shower, and meeting up with friends — all since the beginning of the month. Our week nights are always busy with doing stuff around the house, talking with each other, and walking the dog, so we have to cram everything in on the weekends and I’m getting tired. Thankfully we have this coming weekend off of visiting people or going places and can stay home and do some stuff around the house.

Things are really coming along, though. :) And that makes me happy!


2 thoughts on “Boy, have we been busy!

  1. Wow! Yeah wallpaper sucks. Bad bad previous owners! :) Those birdies are really cute, if you have the info on how to make them I would love it! I am home A LOT and am starting more crafty things. And I cannot believe we are halfway through March! Your little one will be here before you know it :)

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