Stranger comments!!

Until tonight I had yet to experience the “stranger comment.” Someone had asked the Mr. when I was due about a month ago, and the registry girl at Target knew I was pregnant without me saying anything; however, that was it.

Today, though, I got two! We went out to dinner tonight after attending a late afternoon baby shower. My sister and I were the first to arrive. As I was getting out of the car a girl walked passed us to go inside. Once we were all inside and had our names in, the girl got my attention and said, “I didn’t realize that you are pregnant when you got out of your car. You look so cute!” It defintely made me feel good to hear that. :)

Later when I was in the bathroom, another lady let me pee before her since she could see that I’m pregnant. While we were waiting our turns we talked about how her daughter just had a baby girl on Sunday — it is her first grandchild. So this one wasn’t exactly a pregnancy comment about me, but she still acknowledged my baby and we discussed her great news. It was nice. :)

This part of pregnancy is quite fun!


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