Who knew the nursery would be so much work?

The longer we live in this house, the more I dislike the previous owners. They did the dumbest things that we are constantly having to fix. Simple issues end up taking at least twice as long because we have to fix something before we can even start working on the current issue.

So we were in the nursery looking at the walls to see what we needed to patch up before we could prime and paint it. I look up and notice that there was something weird with the wall. I picked at it and pulled off wallpaper. Wallpaper!!!!

Wallpaper wouldn’t be a huge issue, except that it has numerous paint coats on top of it. So not only is it difficult to just remove wallpaper generally, but we have to remove wallpaper that has been covered with paint.

I really was hoping to have the room ready for paint by the 19th, but now I’m thinking it may not be possible. Thankfully the walls won’t take long to fix up (it’s mostly just some minor scraping and some spackling). Also good is that the wallpaper is just a border up at the ceiling. It will just take some time to pull down and then smooth the area where the paint ends and the drywall starts (that will likely be fun to do, too).

Unfortunately, the line between wall covered in paint and dry wall is big, so the Mr. will have a lot of sanding and spackling to do in those areas to make it look good. I just really hope we can get it done and nice looking for primer and paint by the 19th. Keep your fingers crossed!


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