Week 22 Letter

My sweetest little one,

We are quickly approaching your viability day! At 24 weeks, you will be old enough to potentially survive outside of me. Even though that’s great news, it’s a little scary. I’m not ready for you to leave me yet, you are much too young. I want you to be at least 37 weeks before you exit me, okay? No early surprises!

I know I probably say this every single week, but I can’t believe how fast our time together is flying. The day I first saw those two pink lines feels like it was just yesterday; sometimes I think it was just yesterday. And then you move, reminding me that you’ve been with us for quite some time already. You are growing so strong every single day. I feel more movement and strong kicks and punches daily. It’s so exciting. Even if, at some point, your movements become uncomfortable, I will still love them so much.

When I first found out I was carrying you, I was scared every single day. I was so scared of losing you — I know the statistics. I was afraid to tell our parents, families, and friends (but your Daddy stood strong for me so we were able to share our news with most people relatively soon even though we still waited a while to tell everyone). What if something happened to you? I would have been devastated, and I didn’t know how I could handle that.

But as every day passed and we grew bigger together, my symptoms stayed super strong (thanks for that, by the way), there was no spotting, and then we saw your little heartbeat on that screen in November, I started to feel more at ease. You are meant to be here, baby. You are meant to be with me and your daddy so we can love you with all our hearts and teach you about the world. We are so excited for you. Now that I can feel you kicking more and more each day, all I can do is smile or giggle, especially when you give me a particularly strong kick. It’s like you are making your presence known; like you are saying, “Yes, Mama! I am here, and I am meant to be here with you.” And I love it.

And the exciting thing? You’ve shared your presence with some other people, too! Your daddy has felt you kicking about in there quite a few times already and he absolutely loves feeling you. The first time he felt you kicking, he was all smiles. It was the most magical moment ever. You also let my mom feel you kicking about on Sunday, which was so very exciting to her. She literally screamed and jumped up and down. She ran to Facebook to make a post about it (she’s a little addicted to FB, which is okay), she called your great Auntie, and she tried so hard to get my step dad to feel you, too. However, I think she scared you a little bit with her excitement and you were still for most of the rest of the afternoon.

(We won’t tell them, but you were kicking up a storm later that night!) :)

You have given me so much more to live for, and I’m so grateful for that. I can’t wait to share life with you. It’s really going to be amazing.

I love you so much,


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