Nursery Blocks

So there are a few things I want to make for the nursery. I originally wanted to make all the nursery bedding, but that was just too much of a daunting task for me. I’m settling with these: nursery blocks, the bird mobile, the rocking chair pad (done!), the burp cloths/bib/wipe case cover kit (done!), and probably something else cute (perhaps receiving blankets, I’m considering a rag quilt, but I haven’t found anything I’d like to work with, or something else of that nature — however it completely depends on how many of those items we receive at the shower).

I definitely have plenty to keep me busy over the next few months, no?

Last night I made a trip to A.C. Moore to pick up the rest of the supplies I needed for the bird mobile and the nursery blocks (of course I forgot the beads I wanted to pick up, but that’s neither here nor there). All in all, I didn’t spend too much for everything (about $30), so that’s great.

Anyway, on to the blocks! I think they are coming out quite cute! The Mr. says they are sort of girly, but I disagree. I mostly went for a green/nature theme with them. That isn’t girly!

They aren’t taking too long to put together, either. It’s actually quite fun. Here is the original tutorial I found that I used. I mean, these are pretty self explanatory and no one should have any issue making them at all! Basically, I bought the blocks, paper, and mod podge, cut out the paper, glued it to the blocks, let them dry a bit, then filed and sanded down the edges to make them softer. These blocks actually aren’t finished yet, but they look pretty much how they will in the end. I might sand them down a bit more, but we’ll see. And I still have to put a couple layers of mod podge over the paper; however, that stuff is strong so I’m taking it one at a time for now.

Anyway, aren’t they cute?! I really like them a lot. :) I really love all the different types of paper I was able to find (I did six different types, one for each side). I also have a lot of paper left over, and I plan to use that for another decorating idea (a “year in pictures” wall for the baby — more on this to come). I’ve honesty never felt so crafty (and possibly even creative!) when it comes to interior decorating before. It’s very fun!

Should they look any different when they are finished, I’ll definitely add some more pictures; however, I think they will pretty much look exactly like this.

I’m definitely pleased with how they are turning out!


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