Let’s talk belly buttons

I’ve always had a really deep belly button, that’s just how it is. I would clean it often before I got pregnant, but apparently not enough (or not well enough).

You see, as my belly is expanding, my belly button is shrinking. It is getting wider and shallower by the day. I actually think I can see the bottom of it now. But you know what is gross? My belly button is dirty. I’m finding all this crap that has been buried in there probably since birth. I mean, there is dog hair in there (not that I’ve had Cooper since birth, but it’s there, too).

I’m really disgusted with my belly button. I thought I was a clean person, but now I don’t feel like it as much. I guess another plus about pregnancy is that my belly button will get so shallow (or perhaps flat or even pop out!) that I’ll be able to really clean it out. I really do think it’s likely dead skin cells that have collected down there, but how is that not gross? I’m not a fan of my belly button anymore. Ick.

I guess I’ll just add this to my list of “What They Never Tell You About Pregnancy.”


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