Oh, Mr.

The other day I was showing the Mr. my belly pictures from this pregnancy. Honestly, I was showing him the difference in the quality of my old camera versus my new camera. But he hasn’t really looked at my belly pictures, he’s just seen me every day.

Looking back at them, I’m surprised to see how my body has changed and remember how I pictured myself at certain times. I was not aware that the Mr. would be so surprised, either.

I clicked on my belly pictures tab and he sees my Week 4 picture, and he says, “Holy crap! You were so skinny!”

Oh, Mr., that’s not the thing to say to a pregnant woman. I feel fat all the time. Ugh. But that’s okay, I was skinny and at least he realizes that. ;) What’s funny is I didn’t think I was that skinny before I got pregnant. There were so many things I hated about my body, especially my stomach. However, when I look back, my stomach was pretty damn fine and quite flat. It wasn’t perfect, of course, but I looked good.

I hope to be able to get back to that one day. This way the Mr. can look at my pictures and say, “Holy crap! You’re just as skinny after the babe as you were before!”


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