21 Week Letter

Our sweet little munchkin,

Your daddy and I are in full swing! We are really getting prepared for your arrival. It’s quite an exciting thing, really. We picked up your furniture this weekend and have it set up in your room. It’s crazy how real it makes it all. I mean, we have a place for you to live now! Of course we still have to do all the painting and decorating, as well as supplying pretty much everything else you’ll need, but we are on our way to being ready for you.

The anticipation is growing steadily as the weeks fly by. I can’t believe we are getting so close to the summer! It’s getting warmer out every day, the sun is up longer, and the flowers are already popping out of the ground. Before we know it, you’ll be here. I can’t imagine what it will be like to hold you in my arms, but I do know that I can’t wait for that day. I can’t wait to see your daddy holding you and bonding with you. I believe it will be the best day of my life.

You are kicking and moving around quite often now. I don’t feel the kicks as much when I’m super busy, but I assume that my constant moving rocks you to sleep. :) Hopefully your daddy will get to feel you moving around soon. I absolutely love every single movement I feel — it’s so wonderful knowing that you are there, continually thriving.

Do you know what else is exciting? People can tell that you are in there now! You have gotten so big that my belly can’t do anything but show you off. It’s quite nice to have people asking about you and when your arrival is due. It’s all very exciting to me. :)

I love you so much, little one. I hope you always know that.



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