I’m going to have a crib in my house!

Tomorrow.  Holy crap!

My step dad offered to help us pick up the furniture from BRU so that we wouldn’t have to pay the extra $90 to have it delivered. So, we are picking it up tomorrow! We just have to go in, pick it up, load it into the car, drive home, and put it upstairs!

Now, up to this point we have agreed on not putting together the crib until the room is painted because, well, it just makes sense to wait. However, now that we are so close to having it in there, I think I want to put it together right away. We’ll see what the Mr. says about that. I have a feeling he might want to do it, too.

I’m not sure I’ve discussed my painting plans here yet, but we are painting the room tan and then adding some stripes above the crib. In order to tape of the stripes we are going to paint, we need to know how high the crib is, so we are going to have to put it together before we finish up the room anyway. So, I see no reason to not put it together right away. :) We have some old sheets we can put over the furniture anyway. And we’ll have to do that with the dresser, so why not the crib, too? We’ll see. It may take some convincing. I’m just so excited!


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