Nursery Update

I really love being crafty. I’m not a very crafty person, but it’s fun when I get the urge every once in a while. Today I sewed a pad covering for my rocking chair. I think it looks pretty good even though it isn’t perfect. I mean, I didn’t have a pattern at all, so it was somewhat difficult to sew. It took me about 3 or 4 hours to do it between all the measuring, cutting, ironing, sewing, etc. Now I didn’t work on it constantly because I had a few other things to do (like eat or talk on the phone or work), but I did work most of the time.

So, here are the pictures. The top of the pad is white with green stripes and the bottom is green with tiny white polka dots. I figured I could flip it around from time to time if I felt so inclined. It’s pretty comfortable, but we’ll have the Mr. try it out when he gets home. Sorry for the crappy picture quality. I’m using my old camera still until I can pick up the new one tonight (oh yeah! I got an SLR camera, woohoo!).

Rocking chair with pad. Please excuses the unhemmed curtains, the cradle box, and my pup. :)

I will definitely take more pictures once I have my new camera. :)

I’ve also decided to make our crib mobile. The Mr. is going to help me hang it, but I’m pretty excited for this. I think it will be relatively easy to make. I have a pattern for stuffed birds that is absolutely adorable, so I plan to make six of those in various green/brown prints I have and then I’ll make one slightly larger brown bird to hang in the middle. As I complete this project I’ll post pictures. It’s fun making this stuff!


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