The BIG Post

The past few days have been more than busy. We had so much going on, and I just didn’t have time to post. But I’m here now, and I will try to fill in everything that has happened. :)

The Anatomy Scan

Neither the Mr. nor I slept much Thursday night. Some people have likened the day of the BIG scan as Christmas morning. It was honestly like that for us. That morning we did what we needed to do, went to my 20-week appointment, and waited around for the anatomy scan. My 20-week appointment went well. I did gain 10lbs in a month, which is super concerning to me. However, they aren’t concerned at this point. If I start gaining that much every month, they will be concerned. I’m concerned because I’ve been eating better and walking more. I didn’t think I’d gain so much. Hopefully I don’t again. I’m going to really watch what I’m eating.

Anyway, it was finally time to go. We get there and we waited almost an hour before they called us back. My annoyance drained away as soon as the ultrasound tech put that wand on the goo on my belly. Our baby came up right away and was absolutely breathtaking. I could have stared at the screen the entire time. The Mr. and I were holding hands while she scanned, and it was just a beautiful moment to share. Thankfully our tech was super nice and showed us everything and told us how good all the measurements were. She was having some issues, though, because our baby is stubborn (just like daddy!)! S/he was continually rolling away from the wand and loved sleeping on his/her stomach (just like mama!). I had to do lots of moving around so we could spin the baby to face us, but eventually we got all the shots we needed.

The doctor came in (he had to get the picture of the nose/mouth area to make sure there isn’t a cleft palate — the tech couldn’t get it because of our wiggly baby) and he told us that our baby looks really good and there aren’t any abnormalities that the scan can pick up. He did let us know that there are some other issues that the scans can’t/don’t pick up, but that he wasn’t concerned and everything was great. We left with our three pictures, so elated. The Mr. and I are in complete awe of our baby. It’s so crazy to know that we made him or her. All those kicks I’m feeling (and I’m actually feeling kicks now!!!) are because of us. It’s so astounding. We are crazy in love.

Our most beautiful baby. :)

The Registering

Registering isn’t fun, to be honest. But we were excited to go and get it started (we actually completed it, I think). But we finally decided for sure that we are getting the Chicco travel system. The Keyfit fit in my car perfectly, and I didn’t even have to move my seat at all for it! I am very excited about that. We were afraid that we’d have to be all scrunched up while driving in order to accommodate the babe. I think it took us about an hour to get through the things we wanted in the store. I’m glad I did a lot of researching beforehand — it really saved us a lot of time.  We registered at BRU on Friday and I had already started our Target registry beforehand. I went in and finished that today. The only thing we have left to put on there is a high chair. I can’t decide on which one I want.

Sunday, or the day that sucked

Sunday started out just fine. The Mr. and I had a wonderful scan on Friday, a relaxing day on Saturday (and we both got hair cuts!), and the weekend was just going perfectly. And then my MIL called. Well, the Mr. called her to talk about the scan, but she wanted to talk to me. You see, she and my mom are hosting my baby shower together, which is awesome. But my MIL hates my mom. And she’s rude.

My mom is trying to make the shower as easy as possible for me and to do things that I’d like, and I really appreciate it. However, our families live very far from each other, so some concessions must be made. I told my mom that I was willing to drive about an hour in order to make it a little closer for his family. Basically, I said we could all meet halfway. But my MIL wants the shower up 45 minutes past her house. Past her house! We live 1.5 hours from her! Hell no. And she is pissed that I won’t do it.

Well, I’ve been asking my mom for a date because we have a few things waiting to be scheduled around the shower, so she called my MIL and left a message saying they needed to talk to set the date/find a place/etc. MIL berated me on the phone about the shower. She was rude to me, she was rude to my mom, saying, “Well, it will be what your mom wants anyway because that’s just how it is, isn’t it?” Uh, no. That’s not how it is. I told her my mom was doing what I wanted. And I told her I do not want to drive up past her house to save her non-pregnant three family members an hour of driving. They don’t have to go to this shower; I do.

So she said, “Well, I think we’ll have to split the showers then. Though it’s not like you’ll come to mine anyway.” While I would be extremely pissed that the shower was split up because my MIL doesn’t want to drive 45 min to my shower (yep, I’ll be driving further than she — and the Mr. is 100% certain she just doesn’t want to do any driving, which is why she’s making a fuss about it), I would still go to her shower. Anyway, the phone call was getting nasty (on her part, not mine — I was just calmly telling her what I said and what I knew about the shower, which is practically nothing). I told her I had to go. I couldn’t talk to her anymore. She was being rude about me not wanting to drive over 2 hours when I’m 8 months pregnant just to save her some driving. She was rude about my mom. Ugh.

I hung up and started crying. I know part of it is that I’m just more sensitive right now, but holy hell. She was a bitch. And the thing is, we drive EVERYWHERE for his family. We drive to EVERY single funeral (whether we’ve met the person or not — and we haven’t met most of the people). We go to EVERY single party. And this all means we drive 1.5 hours to my MIL’s house, then get back in the car and drive at least an hour to the party/funeral/whatever. So that’s 5 hours round trip of driving to things we don’t even want to go to. And apparently I have to, yet again, make concessions for his family. No. I’m tired of it. And it’s not happening once the baby is here. I’m not cooping my child up in a carseat that long for people I don’t know. Especially if it’s for people the Mr. doesn’t know either. If he was close to the person, then we’ll go to said party/funeral/whatever. But this was the last straw to me. And talking poorly about my mother to me? What’s up with that? She should not do it, and I don’t appreciate it. And I told her as much.

But I cried. The Mr. tried to reason with his mom, but that didn’t happen either. It was an awful morning. I texted my mom about it, though, and she called me immediately and put me at ease. She said to not get worked up about it and that she’d take care of the entire thing. I don’t have to be a part of any of it at all anymore. She said to just keep doing what I’m doing and leave it to her. It was so nice. I really do love my mom. Apparently, though, my MIL called my mom soon afterward with a good idea for the shower and was being nice about it. My mom said she thinks my MIL felt bad about the conversation. I don’t know, but I told the Mr. I refuse to talk to his mom about the shower anymore unless she wants to say that she is so excited for the shower and all the planning they have done. That’s okay. Other than that, no more. I told her that I didn’t want to be a part of it, either. Hopefully it stays that way.

But, that is why my Sunday started out awful. Thankfully it ended nicely. I love my husband. He really made it a good day. We got a lot done in the basement and I can now finally do laundry without squeezing into the laundry room! Everything is pretty much cleaned out and back to where it should be, thank goodness.

And, here we are today

I have the day off, which is great. I have a lot to do today, though. I need to finish doing some organizing of my stuff before we can start organizing all the house-related stuff in the basement. Most of the furniture is where it should be, which is great. I also need to do laundry (ugh) and grocery shopping. I already made my Target run this morning, and I plan to browse the fabric store in a few hours. Today will be busy, but it will be a good and productive day.

Anyway, I’m off so I can start my work for the day. This post is over 1500 words long, so I really can stop now. :)


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