Week 19 Letter

Happy Valentine’s day, my little one!

How does it feel to experience your first Valentine’s day in utero? ;) I’m certain it’s no different than yesterday or tomorrow.

I just want to say that I’m so excited to be in the last few days of this half of our pregnancy. I can’t believe we are just about halfway done! I feel as if you’ll be with us in no time  at all. It certainly doesn’t feel like 5 months have gone by already — time is seriously flying.

Your daddy and I are starting to get ready for your arrival. And I mean really get ready! We bought your crib and dresser, and we put together your cradle, too. I really love everything we’ve bought for you and can’t wait to have you in it. Your birthday will be the best day of our lives, and your daddy and I can’t wait.

We love you so much, little munchkin!


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