We made our biggest baby purchase today!

Today the Mr. and I went in to BRU with an old high chair and stroller and walked out with the cradle the Mr. loves and a receipt for our baby’s crib and dresser. They had the crib in stock, but we couldn’t fit it in our car. So, they are holding the crib until our dresser comes in (1-2 weeks), and the my parents are going to help us pick it up to save $100 in shipping charges.

It’s all very exciting! and somewhat daunting. We are beginning to really prepare for this baby, holy moly! We ended up getting the crib and dresser I mentioned previously, and we bought this cradle. I think we might put it together tonight. :)

I will definitely take pictures of everything as we put it together/receive it and share them. We will likely wait a while to put together the crib, though, because we want to paint the room and there’s no use in setting up the crib if we are going to have to move it to paint. So, hopefully we’ll set it up sometime next month.



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