In-utero playing. :)

So I was sitting here working and I felt the baby rolling around in there (what most of my baby movements feel like right now), so I lifted my sweatshirt and started rubbing my belly a little bit. It makes me feel a little more connected, I suppose, when I rub my belly, so I like doing it.

Well, I was rubbing and on the right side of my belly I felt a large, hard lump. It would move a bit if I pushed on it, but was staying in one place. The lump was about the length of my palm (maybe a little bit longer). So I kept rubbing it, haha. After a moment or two, I felt the baby moving (again, the rolling feeling) and the lump disappeared!

I think I just had my first experience playing with our baby! I told the Mr. about it and he said that the baby was running away from me! :)

On another note: How could I forget to mention this!?!? Yesterday I ran into Target to pick up my “welcome bag” that I was entitled to for starting a registry there. (As of right now, my registry is private. I only have a few things on there I want to buy. In a few weeks I will likely make it public for those that care to look.) Anyway, I walk into the customer service and say, “I created a gift registry online the other day and it said to come in to pick up my ‘welcome bag.’ Could you help me with that?”

Now, let’s stop for a minute. I walked into Target wearing a pair of jeans, a tshirt, a sweatshirt over my tshirt, and my coat (though it was unbuttoned, showing my middle).

The lady says, “Oh sure! Hold on a second and I’ll go grab your bag and a scanner if you’d like to go add some more things to your registry.” I told her to not worry about the scanner because I didn’t have time to browse that long, but I did want to go back and pick up some things (I bought the blanket of the bedding set I want).

Anyway, what bag does she bring out to me? The baby bag! I thanked her and walked away and did my shopping. But holy crap was I excited! You see, Target has bags for those creating a baby registry and for those creating a wedding registry. My wedding ring hand was in my coat pocket, so she couldn’t have seen that. My only assumption is that she realized I am pregnant! Which means I look pregnant to strangers! That was a very exciting day for me. :)


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