I met with my cardiologist today.

It was an appointment that I had moved back a few times but was scheduled before we found out about our sweet little one. I figured I’d keep it since I’m pregnant, and especially since I’m not feeling the palpitations like I was previously.

Well, my blood pressure is still good (as it always is) and I do still have the PVCs (my heart “skips” a beat every third beat). My doctor still doesn’t want to do anything about it other than the Inderal because he fears any treatments would make my heart worse before it would make it beat better. I have a structurally sound heart that works just fine, it’s just that my electrical impulse is slightly off. We will just keep an eye on it.

Thankfully he doesn’t foresee any issues with labor and delivery, nor does he think this is a serious issue since all of my tests have come back with healthy readings (I’ve done the 24-hour halter monitor, had an echo, had numerous EKGs, and even did a stress echo — that was hard!). He’s writing up a letter today to be sent to my OB’s office so they know my current status.

I do love my cardiologist. He told me to not feel shy about calling him up and discussing any changes or anything that I might feel is different throughout the rest of my pregnancy. He definitely wants me to call and go in if I’m having lots of shortness of breath or if I start feeling dizzy or lightheaded a lot. Neither is happening now, so I’m not concerned at this point.

It’s still somewhat scary to have something going on with my heart, even though we have proved numerous times that it is not an issue. I still will always have the “what if it does become an issue” in the back of my mind, but he thinks they will go away on their own in the future. We’ll see. When I was doing some research on PVCs a while ago, I did come across something saying that many women that have them as young as I am (and as healthy as I am) find that their PVCs disappear in their mid 30s to early 40s. I guess we’ll see.

I’m to go back in six months. He wants me there about six weeks after delivery just to do another check up. I can still take my Inderal if I want (I haven’t taken it since before I found out I was pregnant), but we are doing well right now.


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