Crib mania

Crib mania might not be the best title, but it’s the one you get. Over the last few weeks I’ve been stressing over cribs: which one do we want? How much should we spend? Which deal should we use? Where should we buy?

So I told the Mr. that we had too seriously look at our options this weekend and discuss it. We opened up all the options we were considering on the computer and quickly crossed off most of them for one reason or another. We were left with two Lajobi cribs (A- rating in Baby Bargains and both sets coming in under $1000).

The one he said no to because he could see too much hardware on the crib and he hates that. But we hadn’t seen either in the store so we wanted to find the one we were pretty certain we were going to buy. I called around and found the crib, so we made a quick BRU run.

We liked the crib but there were others that caught our eyes, too. Seriously, crib shopping is a bitch. The Mr. wasn’t in love with one one we went in to see, and as we were walking around I noticed the other crib we crossed off at the last minute.

We stopped to look at this other Lajobi crib that showed too much hardware online, but in person it looked great! You couldn’t really see the hardware and the Mr. really liked it. We figured out what it would cost us with tax and getting two 25% off coupons from BRU’s trade-in event, and it will only cost about $600! We decided that we are definitely getting that set. I’m so glad to have that decided!

So, this is the crib set we have decided to get. Definitely not what I was looking at earlier in the pregnancy, but absolutely perfect for our needs and wants. The price is great, the quality is great, and it looks awesome in person. We are very excited to order it! We are getting the crib (of course) and the smaller dresser, which will fit perfectly in the room (it’s not a large space, so we can’t get both dressers and still fit everything in there comfortably).

Update: My inlaws have offered to pay for the nursery furniture! They really are so awesome. :) We aren’t 100% sure we are going to take them up on their offer, but it’s definitely tempting. Either way, within the next few weeks to a month we will have baby furniture in our house!!


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