Thank you, Old Navy.

I just went shopping, online of course. I bought six items for only $57 (free shipping!). I really hope everything fits well when I get them, but I think they will; however, you never know.

The most important thing, though, is that I found some cute gender-neutral items for the babe! So I kind of bought a lot for him/her today, but that’s okay.

Okay, so here’s the swag. :)

I love a gray shirt, so I'm glad I found a maternity one that is cute and simple.

I have this shirt in brown and I really like it. It's huge on me, though, so I ordered a size down this time.

I've kind of wanted this dress since I first saw it 3 months ago. I really hope I like it in person!

Seriously, can this outfit get any cuter?!

I can't wait to put this on our little one! I love it.

I'm obviously a sucker for stripes, so I hope the baby likes them, too!



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