Gender-neutral baby clothes

Where the hell are they? Why can’t companies make cute outfits in orange, blue, yellow, gray, brown, green, ect that aren’t gender specific? Everything has flowers or puppies on them. Why can’t things just be simple? Not everyone finds out the sex before birth and some of us do want to prepare and get a few things for the first month or so (or stock up on great sales for the future) before we feel the need to go out and buy cute dresses for our girls or cute outfits for our boys. It’s so frustrating to me.

Anyway, about once a month I find something to buy for the little one. Mostly I find good deals on onesie packs, but I’ve found a few outfits/one pieces that will work for either sex that aren’t yellow or covered in duckies. Of course I do have some yellow things and some ducks, too, but I don’t want my baby dressed up as a duck for a few months.

However, here is what I found today in all of Kohl’s. (Well, I did find more, but lots of it was very gender-specific despite the gender-neutral colors…or it was yellow and covered in ducks.)

I thought this polo was cute and could easily be paired with denim shorts for a boyish outfit or a white skirt for a girly outfit. I picked up the green one. :)

And I just thought this onepiece sleep-n-play outfit was adorable. I love elephants and couldn’t pass it up!

Anyway, hopefully I’ll come across some other gender-neutral outfits that are interesting and not ugly before this baby comes.


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