Apparently I have a lot to say today. :)

I’ve been pretty busy this week! I did a lot of organizing around the house (I plan to take some pictures of the cleaned up areas to share soon!), I decided which bedding I’m going to use, and I’ve found a few more clothes for the babe! We also finished a lot of things on our to-do list. All we have to do now is some last minute stuff in the basement (before we start cleaning it out), clean the house, and go grocery shopping! It feels good to have so much out of the way already.

I do want to sit down this weekend/next week and figure out which crib set we want to get. I’d like to order it before the end of this month so we can get it in sometime soon. And I plan to start painting the nursery next month, so once that’s done we can set up the crib! I can’t believe we are getting so close to this point. I realize I’m doing some things a little early to some people, but that’s okay with me.

I figure this: By the time we order/get our nursery furniture, I will likely be 21 or 22 weeks pregnant. After that, I plan to start prepping and painting the nursery. That will take at least a week. My goal is to have that done by 24 weeks. Then we have a few weeks to set up the crib and dresser before I’ll have anything else I want to put up for decorations — so around 26 weeks maybe? During this time I’ll also want to do some sewing. I plan to make a rag quilt that matches everything, a pad and cover for the rocking chair so our butts are comfortable while we are rocking the babe at night, and a changing pad cover. I’ll also need to hem the window treatments, get some pull-backs, and new blinds. That easily brings us into April, the month I want to have all of this finished. Well, in April we will also have birthing classes once a week, a breastfeeding class, and I’m certain other things will come up around the house.

At this point, I will be very happy if I just have the room mostly put together, with just a few details left, by the end of April. I really don’t want to do much decorating in May or June. We’ll see how it goes, though. I plan to take my time and to not rush.

Anyway, here is the bedding that I plan to buy. I love it because it is simple, I can buy whatever pieces I want, and it’s not expensive. I’m going to make some fun things like pillows to put in the room, so I’m not concerned about being too flashy with the bedding. And it’s not like you even really use it all. And the stuff you do use? Well, the baby is going to pee and poop all over it. Anyway, I love this one, and it’s so soft in person! Also, I happen to think green, brown, and white are great colors for a gender neutral room.

I think we’ll end up painting stripes or circles on the walls (since this bedding has both). Won’t that be a fun room? I’m thinking about just making the one wall that the crib will stand at different than the others. I think an entire room of circles would be a bit much. However, if I end up doing the stripes, I will likely do the entire room. I’d also do the more subtle stripes where I use the same color for the entire room, just have a higher gloss for some of the stripes, making them “transparent” stripes. We’ll see what I decide for sure when we get to that point!

I’m just glad we are getting some of this stuff decided. It feels good to know what I want to do, or at least sort of what I want to do. :)


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