Stretching my organizational skills

Today was quite a busy day for me. My morning started out per usual, but I felt like being productive for once! I got quite a few things crossed off my list of things to do before the babe comes, and then I did a few others that weren’t even on the list. In short, I feel quite accomplished today.

First of all, I restuffed my couch cushions because they really needed it. Really I should get them professionally restuffed, but I just haven’t made the call yet. I will get around to it one of these days.

Then I figured I’d do some cleaning that I really needed/wanted to do; however, that is even more boring to write or read about. I’ll spare you the details. Anyway, I’m glad I got those things done around the house.

After that I decided to reorganize the linen closet. I still haven’t decided whether I plan to put all the babe’s linens in there or in her room, but I have a while to plan that out. I suppose I’ll have to reorganize again should I decide to do it that way. We will see how much baby towels and whatever else we need accumulates.

I also went ahead and organized our bathroom storage. I figured there was likely lots in there we didn’t use (I was right) and by removing it I’d automatically have the space we will need for all the lovely baby soaps and things. It really is nice to have some areas cleaned out for the baby already.

Nesting isn’t so bad. :)


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