Dreams 2.0

To be honest, I haven’t had very many baby-related dreams so far. I have had dreams of breastfeeding my dog, though. I’ve dreamed that Robin Williams was trying to have sex with me — he was not good looking, nor was he good at seducing either. Also, he kept speaking in some weird character voice. Now, that was a strange dream. I’ve also dreamed that I kissed Butch Walker; but that was before I got pregnant, so I don’t think it counts.

I have had a few pregnancy-related dreams, but they aren’t anything to write home about. In fact, I can’t really remember them. I do remember my first baby-related dream, though. I dreamed that we had a little girl and I was breastfeeding her while we were visiting family during the holidays next year. It was quite a lovely dream.

Now, my mom told me that she had dreams of the baby’s sex every single pregnancy, and she was right every single time. Her doctors even told her that my sister was a boy, but my mom dreamed girl and knew that is what she was having. She had a girl. Part of me wonders if my body can know the sex of our baby, I guess we’ll see in five-point-five months!

Last night I had another dream about our baby. This one was slightly strange and I won’t go into all the details because many are quite fuzzy to me. I’ll just tell the important part. :) For some reason my baby had to come out of me early so we could fix some issue, but the plan was to put the babe back for the remaining three weeks of gestation (what can I say? it was a dream). The Mr. and I hadn’t bought a crib or dresser yet, so we had our babe out with us while we were buying the furniture. At this point we still did not know the sex of our baby because we wanted it to be a surprise at “birth.” (Don’t get me started on the logistics of this dream.)

While we were out, the babe had a super messy poop explosion all over. Of course I had to clean it up, which is quite difficult when you are trying to look away from the genitals so as to not accidentally figure out whether the baby is a girl or boy. So I’m trying to blindly clean up my baby when everyone else goes, oh my! It’s a girl! She’s so adorable! etc., etc., etc. Of course my eyes fly open and I look to see that she is, in fact, a girl. And she was! I was so excited I picked her up, poop and all, and ran through the store trying to find the Mr. so I could show him our little girl.

I then woke up from my second baby-related dream. I really love them, even though this one was the strangest dream ever. It makes me wonder if I am having a girl. I not-so-secretly think we are having a girl, but the Mr. thinks we are having a boy. I don’t think he’s had any dreams of the sex. I just find it all so interesting.



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