Week 17 Letter

Why hello there my little weed!

Holy moly, little one, you are certainly growing a lot this week! You are making your mama’s ligaments ache and cramp up with your speedy growth! But that’s quite all right.  You just keep on growing in there, even if it makes me uncomfortable. :)

Your daddy is quite enjoying watching you grow — he puts his hand on my belly every single day when he comes home from work, talking about how big we are getting. He really loves it so much. I’m excited to start feeling you move more frequently and for your daddy to be able to feel you moving soon. I think that will be one of the best parts of this pregnancy.

I don’t know what it is, but oftentimes when I am writing these letters to you, you start moving around in my belly. I really love feeling you. Usually I feel these little itty bitty kicks right under my belly button, but lately I’ve been feeling you spinning around in there (or whatever it is you are doing). That’s what I’m feeling right now; lots of twirling. Perhaps you’ll be a dancer? If you are, I shall be shocked. Neither your daddy nor I have any rhythm. :)

You still amaze me every single day; whether it’s from the amount that you are growing, the kicking, or just the fact that you are there, you amaze me. I’m so excited to get to be your mama and I can’t wait to meet you. Every single day brings us closer — we are almost halfway there!

I love you so much, baby.


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