I had to go to the doctor today.

I suppose that title is slightly misleading. I didn’t need to see a doctor, I just needed to pick up a script for a urine culture.

This morning I noticed my uterus felt heavy, much heavier than it used to feel and the feeling was quite low. It was slightly concerning, but I was considering not calling the nurses line — I figured it was normal to feel heavy when I had grown so much so recently. But I wanted to call for reassurance, and then I noticed that I was having slight cramps as well. So I called.

I must take a break in this story to say that I absolutely love my doctor’s office. I may not love all the doctors I’ve seen (thankfully there are many in the office from which to choose), but I have loved every single nurse I’ve met. The nurse I spoke with today wasn’t any exception.

Anyway, the nurse called back pretty quickly, which was nice. And we talked a little bit about what I was feeling (I had forgotten to mention the cramping when I left my message) and she was so reassuring. Of course I broke the news about the cramping, and she said, “Oh, you’d better come in then. We should check for a UTI.” Thankfully I wasn’t there long since it was the middle of the work day (not that I’m not writing this blog post in the middle of the work day, haha).

The woman who checks everyone in for labwork is getting to know me. I must be there quite often now! She is so sweet and hopes we’ll have a July 4 baby. :) Also, while I was waiting to do my urine culture, an elderly lady told me how attractive I am because I walk tall (and because I am tall). I thought that was such a sweet compliment! I definitely blushed. We talked for a little bit until she was called up to do whatever she had to do today.

So now we wait. Hopefully I don’t have a UTI because they absolutely suck. I haven’t had any burning, though, so maybe that’s a good sign. If I don’t have a UTI, then the nurse is fairly confident that it’s just normal ligament stretching that I’m feeling. Of course if it gets worse or I start feeling pressure in my vagina, then I need to call and go in to get that checked out, but I am fine for now.

Also, I’d like to take a moment to say that I absolutely love feeling my baby moving around inside me. I’ve been feeling the little monster for the entire time I’ve been writing this post, and it’s awesome. :)


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