I’m quite anal, thank you very much.

So, we obviously know that there is a baby coming (yay!). This fact has made me look at several things, including our house. There are many things I need to do before this baby is brought into this world.

I like to make lists — I find them extremely helpful. They keep me from forgetting everything I need/want to accomplish. And it starts to look pretty awesome as things are crossed off the list. When we were planning our wedding, I had lists of things to do each month. Of course I got some things done early or pushed back others, but everything got crossed off. I figured I’d do the same thing again since there are so many things I’d like to do around the house to prepare for the baby.

In order to hold myself accountable, I figured I’d post it here. Just so you know, it’s a long list.


Clean out the office and put everything in the attic that should be, sort items for basement
Seal the grout in the basement
Lay the quarter round and paint the baseboards in the basement
Clean out the refrigerator
Clean out the freezer
Put the bathroom towel rack back up
Make our new budget
Restuff couch cushions


Reorganize the basement (especially the laundry room!!), get rid of anything we don’t use
Scrub the basement from top to bottom
Replace the hallway lights
Anatomy scan!! :)


Crown moulding in the dining room
Start decorating the nursery: paint, new blinds, closet storage, furniture, and decorations
Replace basement windows once warm enough
Try to get some nice grass growing in the backyard!!


Finish decorating the nursery
Start spring cleaning the house: baseboards, curtains, windows, furniture, etc.
Purge, purge, purge! Get together Goodwill boxes and yardsale boxes
Maternity pictures
Take a vacation!!!


Clean up and stain Cole’s old toy box. Make a place for it in the living room
Baby shower
Make places for all of baby’s new things, such as bouncer, swing, stroller, etc.


Buy a deep freezer and cook meals/casseroles to freeze for when the baby first comes
Pack hospital bags
Install carseat and have it inspected


2 thoughts on “I’m quite anal, thank you very much.

  1. I love lists too! It is great to be organized and feels great to cross things off the list once they are completed! You will get everything done :) Have you guys decided what you are doing for the nursery? I love monkey nurseries haha!

  2. It does feel great to cross things off! I’m so indecisive when it comes to the nursery. I think after our anatomy scan I might have some more decisiveness. There are so many cute things out there! And I have the added difficulty of making it something gender neutral. I’m having a hard time finding a bedding set to use and am waffling back and forth about making the bedding myself. We’ll see!

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