Doctor appointment today!

I had my 16-week appointment this morning and everything looks great! The babe’s heartbeat rang in at 158bpm, which is a lovely and strong heartbeat. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to hear that sound. I could listen to it all day. The nurse never leaves the doppler on my stomach long enough!

I have officially gained 5 pounds since the start of this pregnancy. The doctor is pleased with my progress. I’m pleased I haven’t gained too much. ;) From what I’ve read, most women gain 4-5 pounds in their first trimester and then 1 pound a week after that. I only gained 1 pound in my first trimester (most likely due to all the morning sickness), but I am gaining about 1 pound a week since.

I also now know why I couldn’t figure out where my uterus is lying in there. I was feeling for it about 2-3 inches below my belly button because that’s where I thought it should be. However, when the doctor felt for it this morning, it is right at my belly button! No wonder my belly is sticking out so much right around there! She showed me where to feel, and I finally felt the ridge I’ve been feeling for. I’ll have to show it to the Mr. tonight. :)

The appointment was pretty boring, to be honest. I think most of them will be at this point. I go in, pee in a cup, have my blood pressure taken, get weighed, listen to the heartbeat, have my uterus checked, and ask any questions I have. Pretty straight forward if you ask me. However, my next appointments will be pretty exciting! I have my 20-week appointment on Feb. 18 and then a few hours afterward is our anatomy scan! I’m soooo excited to see the baby again! And what’s even better? The Mr. is taking the entire day off with me!! We are going to have breakfast, go to the appointment at the doctor’s office, have lunch, go to our anatomy scan, go start our registry at Babies R Us, then have dinner out! It sounds like the best day. :)

Here’s to hoping the next few weeks just fly by!


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