My crafts :)

So I mentioned the other day how I was making some crafts for the babe. Thankfully I was able to finish them before I started trying to make some maternity jeans that broke my sewing machine. :(

Anyway, I thought they came out pretty good (especially since I’m pretty rusty on the machine lately), so I thought I’d share them with you!

The two on the left are super tiny burp cloths. I’m pretty certain they’ll never be used for burping, but more so for quick wiping situations (such as some spit up or maybe even messy noses or faces while we are out). Obviously the two in the center are bibs. They are actually reversible! I just showed the sides I like the best. And the last one on the right is a wipe case holder. It fits the wipe case that came with my diaper bag, so I’m very pleased with it!

I have all of these items in my diaper bag already. At this point, I think they will be quick solutions for while we are on the go. Like I said, the burp cloths won’t be too helpful except as wipes for the face. I love getting some of this stuff together! I feel accomplished and it was fun. :)


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