Let’s talk crib shopping, shall we?

I have to say one thing about crib shopping: It’s not really that fun. The Mr. and I are having a difficult time committing to a crib. We have done a lot of research (well, I should say I have done a lot of research) on which companies are good and make quality products. However, we really don’t want to spend $500+ on a crib, but we do want a nice sturdy crib made with real hardwood. Let me tell you, we are being picky and it is making this difficult for us.

Really, though, it’s okay. We obviously do not need to buy anything now. We aren’t scrambling to get everything finished before the baby comes — we have about six months to go! But we keep coming upon some really good sales (Babies R Us is giving away free cribs when you buy two matching pieces to the set!), so we’ve been seriously looking. However, while we might like the crib for one set, we hate the dresser (or vice versa). We can’t justify buying a crappy dresser just to get a $400 crib for free, you know?

So, we are back to the drawing board. I really like the Lajobi brand (website link), and I think we are going to go with a crib from them. Baby Bargains gives the entire brand an A-, which I think is great. They have some entry-level styles that I really love, but they are made of pine. Pine is more than fine, but I’d rather have a hardwood crib if we can help it. So I was looking around online this morning at what Lajobi has to offer, and I found this:

It’s from a brand of Lajobi called Bonavita. The actual crib is called the Petyon Classic Crib. It is so simple, but I think I absolutely love it. And it even has a drawer that pulls out at the bottom, which I think is great! One of the best things about this crib is it is made with hardwood, and it’s even hand sanded. Oh, and it’s only $325, which is not bad at all! The Mr. just received a bonus from work last week (yay for him!!), and we have set aside $250 of that to put toward the crib, so that makes it only $75 out of our pocket, if you want to look at it that way.

Another thing I like about this crib? It should be rather easy to match with a dresser (it doesn’t have a matching dresser yet). I did read a review that someone really loved a PBK dresser to go with this crib. If we end up buying this one, maybe we’ll go have a look-see and see if we want to do something like that.

Either way, I’m not nearly as concerned about the dresser as I am about the crib, though I do want to have a nice dresser that won’t fall apart in a year or two. Why can’t it be easier to find furniture for our baby’s room? Holy moly. We’ve never spent this much time researching or looking for anything we’ve ever bought for ourselves. The most research we do is to make sure we are getting a fair price on something. Now we are researching slat spacing, hardwoods vs. softwoods, safety, past recalls, customer service, etc.

Anyway, we have about two more months to research and decide for sure before I start getting antsy about not having a crib picked out, so that’s good. However, I will try to convince the Mr. of the one pictured above when he gets home tonight. I think I love it!


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