My boss called me last night. Or I got a raise!

Last night my boss messaged me (like I said, we both work remotely, so he’d call me vs. coming to my “office”) and asked if I were free for a quick call.

Now, I’ve spoken to him on the phone three times ever. Once for my phone interview, once when his grandfather died and he was on his way to OH, and once when I had a major computer breakdown. So, it was a little unnerving for him to ask if I were free for a phone call.

However, there’s no reason to have been nervous! Almost immediately he let me know that our entire department was getting raises this year! There haven’t been raises in our department since before I started working there (which was a little more than 2.5 years ago), so this is big news.

To be honest, it isn’t the biggest raise ever, but a raise is a raise! It will definitely help out with the little one on the way. :)

It was a very good end to yesterday.


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