I think I can cook again!

I’ve been posting a lot about food lately, but that’s what a pregnant woman’s life revolves around, no? :)

Anyway, I used to shop for two weeks worth of food at a time. I haven’t done that since getting pregnant because my tastes were changing so frequently. However, things have seem to settled down quite a bit, and I am planning to shop for two week’s worth of food again tonight or tomorrow morning. I am making a bunch of different things (well, lots of Italian, I guess) and we will see how it turns out. Hopefully I have enough carbs and other good things in there to keep my tastes up and going. We save so much money by shopping for two week’s worth of groceries at a time, so I’m ready to do it again.

So, here’s what I plan to make:

Two types of pasta — one with chicken and a tomato/cream sauce and one with just a tomato/cream sauce (two different sauces). I figured these are very safe options. Pasta is definitely my friend so far this pregnancy! These should last four meals.

Fondue. We are actually making this to celebrate finishing the grout work in the basement this weekend. We are doing a simple cheese fondue and chocolate fondue. This should last two meals.

Soft tacos. I’ll use some leftovers from the fondue night to put these together. This will last one meal.

Breakfast for dinner. Enough said.

Meatball sliders. This should last two meals.

Cauliflower soup. This is something new for us. I hope we like it! This will last for two meals. I’ll likely make bread to go with it one day and grilled cheese the other day.

Corn chowder and grilled cheese. We are having this tonight and so the leftovers from tonight will go toward one meal over this week.

That brings us to 13 meals throughout the next two weeks. The weekends we often eat at our parent’s house or out with friends, so this is more than enough food for the next two weeks. Much of it will likely spill over into the following two week’s rotation.

Here’s to eating more foods!


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