I feel like I need to learn to cook differently.

Since getting pregnant, there are a few foods that I just cannot eat anymore. The aftertaste that is left in my mouth can last for days despite flossing, brushing, and rinsing numerous times. Popcorn is one of those foods. That one actually makes me sick, and popcorn is not a fun food to bring back up. But I can live with that. I only eat popcorn a few times a year anyway — it’s no big loss for me.

The two foods that feel like such huge losses are garlic and onion. Even typing that out is gross to me. Pre-pregnancy these two foods were the bases of many of my recipes. I absolutely love garlic, and I can’t ever say no to some yummy onion.

Very early on in my pregnancy, I realized garlic was out. No more garlic bread, no more garlic in my spaghetti sauce or soups, no more garlic period. If we go to an Italian restaurant that serves garlic bread, I ask for plain bread. It was a little difficult at first cutting that out, but I don’t really miss it now. I just had to learn to cook without it.

Today I made that dip I love. It is the last of my stuff. It has onion in it. Now, you bake the dish, so it sort of cooks the onion. I figured that would be enough. Nope, it’s not. I cannot get that onion taste out of my mouth, no matter what I’ve tried today. It is definitely making me gaggy, and I fear I will get sick at some point tonight. I’m not sure if all onion is out or if it’s just semi-cooked onion that’s out.

But how am I to cook without garlic or onion? What is there to cook without those? ::huge sigh::

Though I do hate vomiting more than I love either of those foods, so I’ll just have to deal.


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