14 Weeks!

How far along? 14 weeks!!
Total weight gain/loss: As of Dec 23, I’ve gained 1lb. I’m certain I’ve gained more since then. We’ll find out on Jan 21!
Maternity clothes? Quite often. If I do wear non-maternity clothes, I have my pants/jeans unzipped and unbuttoned completely with my belly band over them. I did buy some more maternity t-shirts this morning and a pair of capris I can wear once it gets warmer (hear that, Spring? Get here now!).
Stretch marks? Not at all.
Sleep: Sometimes it’s great, sometimes it’s not. Last night was okay. I’m starting to get more uncomfortable as the days go by, though.
Best moment this week: The Mr. and I took our first trip to Babies R Us last night. It was actually fun taking a look at all the baby stuff!
Movement: The baby is doing a lot of movements now, but I still can’t feel any of it. I’m hoping to start feeling him/her in the next few weeks.
Food cravings: Apples! Thankfully I’m craving something good for me now. :)
Sex: I never have any idea. I keep wanting to say boy, but there are times I really think girl. I guess I have a 50/50 chance of being right or wrong, right?
Labor Signs: Hopefully not until next July!
Belly Button in or out? In, like always.
What I miss: Sex. We haven’t had it as much lately, but have some plans tonight! Brown chicken brown cow! ;) In all honesty, we have sex once or twice a week lately, and we are used to 3-4 times a week. It’s getting hard for both of us. Hopefully we’ll start having more sex now that I’m feeling better.
Weekly Wisdom: Enjoy every day!
Milestones: 14 weeks! I can’t believe that a month ago I was feeling like the first trimester would never end. I have a feeling this will go by much faster than I think. We also got some work done in the nursery (cleaning out the closet and such).


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