Nursery ‘Progress’

I said I’d post a picture of the rocking chair (from this post), so here it is!

I also took two pictures of the closet that I recently cleaned out to put our ever expanding collection of baby things. My little drawer in the bedroom wasn’t enough anymore!

The first picture is of the few baby clothes, blankets, sheets, and diapers we have (though we have more than a few diapers now — aren’t they just wonderful! I really am loving the cloth diapers). Most of these things have been given to us by a few people. My friend who is also pregnant right now made us our first baby blanket! It’s so adorable. I’m sure we’ll get lots of use out of it. My mom is also trying her hand at making a baby blanket, so we’ll at least have two warm, knitted blankets!

This picture is of the other side of the closet. One of the teddy bears was mine was I was a baby, and it will only be used for decoration in the nursery. I don’t want it to fall apart anymore than it already has, especially since it means a lot to my mom. She gave me that one and a new teddy bear for the babe. :) My MIL gave us the huge caterpillar, which is seriously about 8 feet long (I think). I’m sure the babe will love it. Other than that, the only other thing we’ve bought is my diaper bag. It is a Petunia Pickle Bottom that I picked up at Target (!) for only $35. It was marked down a lot, and I couldn’t pass it up. I really love it and I love that it looks like a purse and not a diaper bag.

So that’s it for now. We really haven’t done any work in the nursery other than cleaning out the closet (the Mr. used to keep his clothes in there because they didn’t all fit in his small closet). Once the basement work is finished, we will do a few other things in the office, and then we’ll start on the nursery! We just have a few organizing things to do in the office, so that will just take a day or so, depending on how lazy we feel. Then it’s time to paint the nursery and put up the window coverings! I haven’t decided whether we’ll keep the same curtains in there or not, yet (they are a really nice white fabric).

Then I need to pick out fabrics for the quilt and crib skirt I plan to make and start sewing! After that, we just need some pictures and other wall hangings, a mobile, some lamps, and furniture (haha). Really we still need to do everything, but we plan to do it slowly. I’m excited to start putting it together, though!


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