Today was the last day of ‘telling’

The only person I had left to tell about the little one was my boss. I decided to wait until after the holidays because I wasn’t quite 12 weeks before we left, and I didn’t want to spring it on him right before we left for a week and a half.

So today I sent him an email telling him our good news. I was a bit nervous, mostly because I’ve only met my boss three times ever (even though I’ve worked here for 2.5 years) because we both work from home and have no reason to see each other for the most part. (I saw him at my interview, a training session a few weeks later, and at his wedding.)

But he was so excited! It was such a relief. Eventually I’ll have to inform the rest of my coworkers, but I’ll probably wait for a bit more, perhaps until after we’ve talked about maternity leave a bit. It’s not like they will see me walking around the office with an ever-expanding belly, which makes it a bit awkward. I imagine it like this:

Subject: Jennifer’s Pregnant!
Text: Just thought you’d like to know.

Just awkward. I’ll have to think about it, I suppose.

Anyway, it feels to good to have it all out in the open. Oh, and his wife is asking about our registry already! It’s so sweet of her, but definitely early as we don’t even have one started yet!


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