First nursery furniture item!

The Mr. and I haven’t even started looking at furniture for the nursery. We’ve talked about a few places we want to look for cribs (a furniture store near us that is awesome and a place we can order Amish-made furniture that is about 45 minutes from here), but that’s about it.

My mom had a rocker that she bought when she first had me and she used it for all four of us kids. I always hoped she would want to give it to me if I was the first to have a baby in our family, and I wasn’t disappointed! A week ago she offered to let me use it — I was very happy. Well, she brought it to my house yesterday!

I must say, having that rocker in the nursery makes it feel even more real. I’m not sure why this one piece of furniture is so defining, but it is. The rocker has been in my mom’s attic for many years (my youngest brother is 14 years old), but she did use it in one of her classrooms a few years ago (she was teaching 2nd grade at the time). Even though it was recently used, it was still in the attic and slightly dirty. Also, it is 25 years old, so the rocker needed some help.

I bought some Old English oil yesterday and went to town this morning. Oh my goodness, the rocker looks so awesome now! I’m loving it even more. I asked the Mr. to give it another coat and rub down soon. The rocker was soaking up so much oil and it still looks dry in a few places, so I think it could use some more help. I just want to make sure we rub it down a lot before we start using it (which I may want to do sometimes — I sat in there for a few minutes last night after the rocker was brought up. It’s just so fun to sit in there imagining our future) so we don’t have to worry about the oil getting on our skin or clothes, especially the baby’s skin or clothes.

I will take a picture of it soon to put up because I’m so proud of the beautiful piece of furniture we have in there!


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