Week 17 Letter

Why hello there my little weed! Holy moly, little one, you are certainly growing a lot this week! You are making your mama’s ligaments ache and cramp up with your speedy growth! But that’s quite all right.  You just keep on growing in there, even if it makes me uncomfortable. :) Your daddy is quite […]

Week 16 Letter

My dearest little one, I heard your heart beating today again. It was just as beautiful as the first time I heard it. I still can’t believe that you are in there and that you are mine. Well, mine and your daddy’s. I could listen to your heart beating all day if they’d let me. […]


Sex dreams are one of those awesome pregnancy symptoms that people tell you about. Well, I think they are a myth. I haven’t had a single sexy dream while pregnant; not a single one. And I was really looking forward to them! What I have instead are the weirdest dreams you can imagine. These dreams […]