Baby shower drama.

What?! you say? Baby shower drama when I’m only 13 weeks along? That’s right, folks. There is drama already.

You see, the Mr. and I do not live that close to our families. We are about 45 min away from my parents and 1.5 hours away from his parents. What does that mean for us? Lots of driving on almost every single weekend. We have cut back a lot because we just need to spend more time at home, but it still gets old always driving here or there.

As soon as my mom found out about our impending little one, she was so excited to throw a shower (I know miss manners is rolling over in her grave, but it’s just how things are done around us). She asked the Mr.’s mom last week if she wanted to help throw it. Hooray! They are throwing a shower together!

Now, the Mr. had severe reservations about this and was surprised his mom actually wanted to help do this. I guess she’s not a party thrower anymore (the Mr.’s parents are older — his sisters are as old as my parents). Anyway, there is a town that is pretty much in the middle of our families (we live in a sort of triangle, with us at the bottom point — this is an upside down triangle, folks!).

So it was suggested to have the shower in this town so no one has to drive really far, especially the pregnant lady, i.e., me. The town is about 45min-1hour from my house. I’m definitely willing to do that at 34 or so weeks pregnant, just to help make it easier for everyone.

So my mom is discussing this place she really liked for the shower (which was shot down because of some bad food reviews from one of my sisters-in-law) when the Mr.’s mom suggests another town for the shower. I hate being all secretive about these towns because it makes things confusing, but I try to keep some semblance of privacy, even here. Anyway, my SILs said they’d help pay for the shower if it was in this town, which is closer to where they live. We also have some out-of-state family that will be invited (we live right along another state), and this town is much closer to them.

The Mr.’s mom said this new town is best because of the out-of-state family — we don’t want them driving about 2 hours to get to the first town that I suggested. But wait a minute! This new town that has been suggested (with the additional help of SIL’s money to pay for the shindig) is over 2 hours from my house.

Now, let’s take a step back and think about this. The shower will be in May. I will be around 34 weeks pregnant, depending on which weekend this shower is held. My MIL wants me, the pregnant lady, to drive over 2 hours so we can save some out-of-state family time?

Nope, not-uh, not doing it. I put my foot down. I said the shower can be in the first town or my town. I’m willing to bend and help do some of the driving, but I’m not driving that far by myself (well, one girlfriend will be with me, but she’s not from the area, so she won’t know where to drive) to save someone else time. Especially not while I’m pregnant.

Thankfully the Mr. and my mom agree 100% with me, and neither want me driving that far while that pregnant. Neither want me in the car that long while that pregnant, so we won’t have it up there. I fear my MIL will be upset with me about this. Oh well. The Mr. doesn’t even get why his mom would even suggest this second town — she knows how far it is for me to drive there.

But seriously. This shower isn’t for 5 months yet, and there is already arguments amongst the shower hosts. And it’s getting back to me! I honestly don’t care what they do, where they do it, or anything like that. I’m so super grateful that there are people that want to throw a shower for me, and that my mom and MIL are willing to work together for it (neither really like the other that much, to be honest). I only ask that I don’t have to drive a million miles to it — is that too ridiculous?

I’m interested to see how the rest of the planning goes. I’m glad I have no real part in it (other than wanting/needing my opinion on the town).

Holy moly.


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