It’s been so busy lately!

The holidays make for a busy time of year, but it’s been good busy. Not only have we visited with family and friends, we have finished Christmas shopping, decorated our house, and made A LOT of progress in the basement!

The Mr. and his dad are in the process of laying the tile down right now! It’s really awesome seeing everything come together. We finished the painting over the weekend, and we just have to put everything together. It will likely take a little while to finish the tile (we have about 350 sq ft to tile, grout, clean, and treat), but that’s okay. It can’t take more than another week or so (I say an entire week because of the holiday weekend — we’ll see).

Once the basement is finished, we can start working on the nursery!!! Next week I have off, so I plan to clean out the office closet and get it nicely organized. I might have to buy some bins or something, but that’s okay. Once that’s organized, we’ll be able to put the Mr.’s extra clothes in there (right now he keeps them in the nursery because his closet is too small — we have two closets in our bedroom, and he took the one that is the size of a coat closet). Once all his stuff is out of the nursery, then I can start hanging up the few outfits we have for the babe! (I have no room for the things I’ve collected in my drawers anymore.)

So, that’s all very exciting to me.

Our next doctor’s appointment is tomorrow. I’m a bit nervous. I hope that everything is all right in there. I’ve read a lot of sad stories online the past few weeks of women that lost their babies, even without any warning of spotting or anything. It’s scary. My heart breaks for each and every one of those women, but I hope to never go through what they are experiencing.

Anyway, our appointment is at 10:45 tomorrow morning. :) And on Wednesday, we hit 12 weeks! The end of this awful trimester is going so quickly! Speaking of the end of the first trimester: I think I’m feeling better! Yesterday and today I haven’t had any morning sickness. I’ve had slight bouts of nausea here and there, but NOTHING like I’ve experienced over the past few weeks. The last week was horrible — I was feeling worse than I felt at all before, but it went away over night it seems. Pray it stays that way!


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