11 Weeks!!

How far along? 11 weeks!!
Total weight gain/loss: I believe I am up a pound. We will see what the doctor’s scale says on Tuesday.
Maternity clothes? Yes. Though today I am wearing my pre-pregnancy jeans! Bloat is definitely down this morning.
Stretch marks? Not at all.
Sleep: It varies. Last night was awful.
Best moment this week: Today! I feel awesome to be at 11 weeks. :)
Movement: The baby is starting to move a lot! However, I cannot feel it, and probably won’t for another  8-10 weeks, according to Baby Center.
Food cravings: See my post yesterday. :) I don’t have many cravings, but when they come, they come hard.
Sex: I’m wishy-washy now. I’m thinking girl some days, boy others. I have no idea!
Labor Signs: Hopefully not until next July!
Belly Button in or out? In, like always.
What I miss: Not puking and not having sore nipples.
Weekly Wisdom: Take one day at a time, and if I feel good, appreciate it!
Milestones: Every single week is a milestone to me. While I’m not a fan of pregnancy, or at least the first trimester, I love every day that I’m pregnant.


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