I’m getting fat.

The past two days I’ve been wearing maternity pants. And I don’t know that I’ll ever go back to regular jeans. These maternity jeans are so damn comfortable!

I realize it’s early, but I was cramping and uncomfortable in my old jeans that didn’t fit, which is why I made the switch. And I’m so happy I did.

Here is a picture of me in my maternity jeans today (these are from the Gap and I love them!). You can see how fat my stomach is actually getting. Now I’m not sure if the maternity jeans accentuate pregnant stomachs or not, but you can definitely see a bump. Unfortunately it’s not baby at all. It’s a mixture of my bloat and intestines that are getting pushed out of the way to make room for baby. I’m sure you wanted to know that. ;) (Oh, and sorry for the extra crappy quality today — I didn’t care to take more than one picture or do much by way of lighting to make it crisper. I’m hoping to get a new camera soon because I hate mine!)

In other news: I thought my morning sickness was gone. I didn’t puke at all this week past Tuesday! It was lovely! There were even days where I didn’t experience much nausea. And then yesterday came around. While the Mr. and I were cooking breakfast together (chocolate chip pancakes, yum!), I had the sudden urge to puke my guts out. And I did. And it happened again this morning, but before I got out of bed. I’m so disappointed that my sickness isn’t gone yet. Hopefully it goes away soon.

Also, we received the cutest card in the mail yesterday from the Mr.’s aunt, congratulating us on the little one. It was really sweet. So he called to thank her, and she was just gushing with excitement about the baby (my FIL told her about the babe right after Thanksgiving). I also found out today that my in laws told the Mr.’s grandmother about the baby on Black Friday. I think the Mr. wanted to tell her himself, but that’s okay. Anyway, she wasn’t even surprised! She said that she thought I looked pregnant last time we visited. I was definitely NOT pregnant last time I was at her house. That was a month or so before we last saw her at her 90th birthday party, which was a few days before we conceived. I was pretty damn skinny at that point, let me tell you! But I think it’s a bit funny. She’s lost her filter and has been saying some questionable things like that lately. ;) She’s still cute.

We are also getting ready to paint the basement. Hooray! After that, we just need to lay the tile (I say it like it will be so quick and easy, haha). After that, we can move everything back in, and I’ll have my laundry room back and my exercise bike. And then after that? We can start on the nursery! First we need to clean out the office closet so we can move all of the Mr.’s things from the nursery closet over there. Then we just need to paint and can put up new curtains, furniture, and organize the closet! I’m excited to get it all going sometime in January or so. I’ll definitely share before and after pictures!


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