This m/s sucks.

I’ve felt like death lately. I’m really not enjoying it. I puke almost every day. And the days I don’t throw up? I constantly feel like vomiting.

I haven’t done anything I should do lately. This blog is suffering, the housework is suffering, the cooking is suffering, just everything.

Thankfully the Mr. is the absolute best husband in the world and has been helping me out so much. While I was at the movies (Harry Potter!) on Saturday, he picked up, dusted, and did some other odds and ends around the house. He’s also been doing the dishes mostly by himself, and he’s even helping me cook every single night. I really love him.

I can’t wait for this part of pregnancy to be over. I’m really not enjoying this time right now (though I do enjoy thinking about our baby swimming around in there).

In other news, we told a lot more family about the babe this Thanksgiving. Everyone is so excited for us. I’m sure we’ll tell a few others as the next couple weeks go by, and then at Christmas anyone can tell anyone s/he wishes to tell.


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