Where I’ve been…

I’ve been missing in action for a while, but for good reason.

The Mr. and I went to our college to spend a long weekend together alone. It was fabulous. We walked the old trails, spent some time with an old friend (who may move near us soon!!), and enjoyed the quiet. It was definitely something we needed.

Thankfully I didn’t puke at all while we were away. I found that greasy food really helps with that; however, I don’t like eating greasy food that much! As soon as we got home, though, I felt terrible: diarrhea last night and puking first thing this morning.

I’m definitely feeling better now as I eat a brownie. I think I might even eat a second. It’s not often I find something that sits well in my stomach. :)

So my mom watched Cooper while we were away, and we went by their house on our way home to pick him up and see them for a bit. We ended up staying a few hours and going out to dinner with them. My mom also bought the babe a few more things. She got eight receiving blankets, two crib sheets, a warm blanket, and a bear. She also gave me the bear that I had as a baby. She is definitely getting us a lot of baby things, but I’m glad she hasn’t bought more yet. She said she’s waiting to buy stuff until we find out the sex, and I let her know that we are Team Green until birth. She’s a bit upset about that, but she’ll be fine.

She also told me that I’m not hiding the pregnancy well. :/ That made me feel good — I felt as if she told me I just look fat lately. I know I’m really bloated and some of my pants don’t fit anymore, but I’m not far along and I don’t want her commenting on that yet! I might ask the doctor about the insane amount of bloating (I haven’t gained any weight yet!). I’m sure it’s normal, but it still seems so early to me.

And the best, most important news?

Tomorrow is our first doctor’s appointment! And we are getting an ultrasound! I can’t wait to see the babe. :)


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